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Filter::UngetFILED Class Reference

#include <gensio.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for Filter::UngetFILED:

Decoder GenBuffer::Readable

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Detailed Description

Sat Apr 19 12:05:49 CEST 2003 Always opens the file in binary mode. First reads from the unget buffer, then reads from a FILE*. A typical usage is: { Filter::UngetFILED f("in.txt"); // fopen("in.txt","rb"), true); f.getUnget() << "Prepend this in front of first line.\n"; int c; while ((c=f.vi_getcc()!=-1)) putchar(c); }

Definition at line 210 of file gensio.hpp.

Public Member Functions

void appendLine (GenBuffer::Writable &buf, int delimiter='\n')
void close ()
 closeMode (closep_)
bool equal_content (Readable &other)
 ftell_at (0)
int getc_seekable ()
FILE * getFILE (bool seekable_p)
char const * getFilename () const
char const * getFilenameDefault (char const *def) const
GenBuffer::WritablegetUnget ()
bool hadError () const
bool isSeekable ()
 ofs (0)
int readFill (char *to_buf, slen_t max)
void seek (long abs_ofs)
 UngetFILED (char const *filename_, FILE *stdin_f=(FILE *) NULLP, closeMode_t closeMode_=CM_closep)
void unread (char const *s, slen_t slen)
virtual slen_t vi_availh ()
virtual int vi_getcc ()
virtual slen_t vi_read (char *buf, slen_t len)
virtual void vi_rewind ()
virtual long vi_tell () const

Public Attributes

 CM_closep = 1
 CM_keep_stdinp = 4
 CM_seekablep = 8
 CM_unlinkp = 2

Protected Attributes

unsigned char closeMode
FILE * f
char const * filename
slen_t ftell_at
slen_t ofs
SimBuffer::B unget

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