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Filter::PipeE Class Reference

#include <gensio.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for Filter::PipeE:

Encoder GenBuffer::Writable HelperE

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Detailed Description

Starts a child process (with popen(pipe_tmpl,"wb")), pipes data to it, writes output to a temporary file. After _everything_ is written, the temporary file is read and fed to out_.

Definition at line 68 of file gensio.hpp.

Public Member Functions

Writable & format (char const *fmt,...)
Writable & format (slen_t n, char const *fmt,...)
Writable & operator<< (bool b)
Writable & operator<< (unsigned long n)
Writable & operator<< (unsigned int n)
Writable & operator<< (unsigned short n)
Writable & operator<< (signed long n)
Writable & operator<< (signed int n)
Writable & operator<< (signed short n)
Writable & operator<< (void const *)
Writable & operator<< (char const *)
Writable & operator<< (char c)
Writable & operator<< (GenBuffer const &b)
 PipeE (GenBuffer::Writable &out_, char const *pipe_tmpl, slendiff_t i=0)
virtual Writable & vformat (char const *fmt, va_list ap)
virtual Writable & vformat (slen_t n, char const *fmt, va_list ap)
virtual void vi_putcc (char c)
virtual void vi_write (char const *buf, slen_t len)
void write_num (unsigned long n, unsigned zdigits)
void write_num (unsigned long n)
void write_num (signed long n)

Static Public Member Functions

static void writeFrom (GenBuffer::Writable &out, GenBuffer::Readable &in)
static void writeFrom (GenBuffer::Writable &out, FILE *f)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void vi_check ()
virtual void vi_copy (FILE *f)

Static Protected Member Functions

static void iter_write_sub (char const *beg, slen_t len, void *data)

Protected Attributes

FILE * p
SimBuffer::B redir_cmd
SimBuffer::B tmpename
SimBuffer::B tmpname
SimBuffer::B tmpsname

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