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GenBuffer::Writable & Error::sev ( level_t  level  )  [static]

This is the (carefully hidden :-)) method of raising errors (i.e displaying error messages and terminating the program). Example usage: Error::sev(Error::WARNING_DEFER) << "check_rule: /BMP requires " "/Predictor " << 1 << (Error*)0; The error is interpreted according to the current policy. The policy divides errors into three categories:

-- secret: nothing happens (even the error message is _not_ printed) -- recorded: nothing happens (even the error message is _not_ printed), but the message is remembered for further processing. -- printed: the error message is printed, and program execution continues Before printing this message, all recorded errors on the policy stack are also printed (deepest first). -- killer: like `printed', but runs cleanup handlers and terminates the program immediately.

level is one of the constants mentioned above (FATAL, EERROR, WARNING, NOTICE etc). Can be positive, zero or negative. The larger the `level', the more severe the error is. The default policy is: level>=0 errors are killer, -99<=level<=-1 errors are printed, -199<=level<=-100 are recorded and level<=-200 errors are secret.

Definition at line 55 of file error.cpp.

References Error::Policy::curlev, Error::Policy::err, level2str(), policy_top, Error::Policy::printed, Error::Policy::record, Error::Policy::recorded, Error::Policy::topRecorded, and Error::Policy::topSecret.

Referenced by Image::Sampled::addAlpha0(), Rule::applyProfile(), Rule::buildProfile(), Filter::UngetFILED::getFILE(), popPolicy(), Filter::UngetFILED::seek(), Filter::PipeE::vi_copy(), Filter::PipeE::vi_write(), JPEGSOF0Encode::vi_write(), Rule::writeTTE(), Rule::writeTTM(), Rule::writeTTT(), and MiniPS::Tokenizer::yylex().

  /* So they are trying to make an error? Let's see whether they can. */
  GenBuffer::Writable *err=policy_top->err;
  // printf("curlev=%d\n", policy_top->curlev);
  assert(policy_top->curlev==-9999 && "nested error/ unfinished prev err");
  /* printf("level=%d\n", level); */
  if (level>=policy_top->printed) { /* printed or killer */
    #if 0 /* Disables printing of "using template: " */
      /* vvv Delay printing this message after all recorded messages */
      if (policy_top->record!=NULLP) err=policy_top->record;
  } else if (level>=policy_top->recorded) { /* recorded */
    if (NULLP==(err=policy_top->record)) err=policy_top->record=new SimBuffer::B();
    if (level>policy_top->topRecorded) policy_top->topRecorded=level;
  } else { /* secret */
    if (level>policy_top->topSecret) policy_top->topSecret=level;
    return devNull;
  return *err << (argv0==(char const*)NULLP?"??argv0":argv0) << ": " << level2str(level) << ": ";
  /* Processing will continue soon by GenBuffer::Writable& operator <<(GenBuffer::Writable& gb,Error*) */

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