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Error Class Reference

#include <error.hpp>

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Detailed Description

This may be usafe if an error happens inside an error. Usage: Error::sev(Error::WARNING) << "Zero-length image." << (Error*)0;

Definition at line 18 of file error.hpp.

Static Public Member Functions

static void cexit (int exitCode)
static SimBuffer::BgetRecorded ()
static char const * level2str (level_t level)
static CleanupnewCleanup (Cleanup::handler_t handler, void *data, char const *cstr)
static CleanupnewCleanup (Cleanup::handler_t handler, void *data, slen_t size)
static void popPolicy ()
static void pushPolicy (level_t killer_, level_t printed_, level_t recorded_, GenBuffer::Writable *err=(GenBuffer::Writable *) NULLP)
static GenBuffer::Writablesev (level_t level)

Public Attributes

 FATAL = 3
 INFO = -111
 NOTICE = -5

Static Public Attributes

static char const * argv0 = (char const*)NULLP
static char const * banner0 = (char const*)NULLP
static char const * long_argv0 = (char const*)NULLP
static char const * tmpargv0 = (char const*)"pRg_tMp"

Static Protected Attributes

static Cleanupfirst_cleanup = (Error::Cleanup*)NULLP
static Policypolicy_bottom = &defaultPolicy
static Policypolicy_top = &defaultPolicy


GenBuffer::Writableoperator<< (GenBuffer::Writable &, Error *)


struct  Cleanup
struct  Policy

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